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Did You Know You Can Create a Personal Fundraising Page?

by Natalie Cutter, special events coordinator

Personal Fundraising Page

Do you want to do even more to help animals? You can make your upcoming marathon, event or birthday a happy one for homeless pets!
Through our personal fundraising program, our supporters can turn anything in their lives into a positive for the animals at the Dumb Friends League. You can fundraise in honor of an upcoming event, in memory of a pet who has passed or as a way of team-building with a competition amongst coworkers.

At the League, the amount of animals that we take in and the amount of care they need requires a lot of resources. Thanks to a compassionate and pet-loving community, we are able to provide the exceptional level of care that we continue to provide to the more than 20,000 animals that come through our door annually with generous donations. Our personal fundraising program is a great way to do that – and fundraising for homeless pets can fit into your life however works best.

A common misconception about fundraising is that it requires a lot of time and effort to raise meaningful funds. Some of our most successful fundraisers are the ones that are the easiest for people to participate in and the most simple of concepts. A “Denim Day” at work which allows employees to wear jeans in exchange for a minimal donation, a bake sale or chili cook-off, or a car wash or garage sale are great ways to raise money for homeless pets and are extremely easy for others to participate in.

Gigi's Birthday Party

A recent fundraiser decided to dedicate her dog’s 16th birthday to the animals looking for homes at the League. Gigi the Chihuahua’s 16th birthday was rung in with all of the guests at her party asked to contribute $16 to the homeless pets and horses at the Dumb Friends League. After all was said and done, over $1500 was contributed to the League, despite the minimal $16 per person ask from Gigi’s mom, Ashley!

Another group, Breakthru Beverage, wanted to honor a coworker who passed last year and did so by running the Colfax Marathon and fundraising in her honor as she was a dedicated animal lover and wonderful supporter of the League. The group rallied their coworkers and colleagues and hosted an event at a local brewery, complete with a silent auction in which they had used their resources to get some items donated. They raised over $5,000 for animals at the League in memory of their fallen colleague.

There are many more options for fundraising that can work for you! See some examples and set up your personal fundraising page at www.ddfl.orgfundraise. Any questions on fundraising? Contact Natalie Cutter, special events coordinator, at

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