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Muttley Crew: Call him “Mellow Yellow” – Adopted!

In Spanish, Sueno (A0759913) means dream, and this healthy, athletic, 6-year-old yellow Lab mix is a dreamboat of a dog. He came to our shelter after being relinquished by an elderly owner who could no longer keep him. Sweeter than cream and utterly laid back, Sueno loves treats, scratches, sunbathing and playing outside. In fact, this handsome, somewhat reserved fellow has spent his whole life living outdoors, coming inside only briefly during the frostiest winter days, so he needs a patient and experienced dog owner to housetrain him.

Wait&emdash;is it even possible to housetrain a mature dog? Absolutely, says Behavior Manager Marissa Martino. The situation most conducive to success for Sueno would be finding an owner who works from home or is able to take him outside to relieve himself every few hours. Of course, Sueno’s new owner will receive behavior support at the time of adoption. They’ll also have access to our free Behavior Helpline. We even have a helpful handout on housetraining an adult dog!

Other important things to know: Sueno has lived harmoniously with other dog pals. He’s calm and friendly when coming nose-to-nose with other dogs while out on walks, although he’s been known to chase cats. He’d do best in a quiet, loving home with no kids under 10 and a big back yard to roll around in.

Could you be the answer to this lab mix’s dreams? This gentle family man will pay you back tenfold for all the affection you give him. And by the way, his caretakers at the shelter say he perks up when spoken to in Spanish.

To meet Sueno in person, stop by our Quebec Street Shelter or call (303) 751-5772.

Because Sueno is a member of our Muttley Crew, we’re waiving his adoption fee.

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