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Little Boss Gets Back on His Feet


Some lucky dogs are surrounded by caring souls who won’t give up on them, no matter how dire their condition appears. Take Boss, a tiny Yorkie terrier found one evening on the side of the road by a passerby and brought to our shelter. The 10-year-old dog’s eyes were oozing and he could neither walk nor even stand up; X-rays taken by our veterinarians revealed changes in his neck vertebra consistent with a ruptured disk. Despite having severe dental disease, he did have a hearty appetite and would lift himself up onto his sternum to eat. Due to his immobility, Boss was scheduled for euthanasia following the end of his lost hold period. That’s when veterinary technician Suzanne S. decided to take him home and foster him alongside her four resident dogs—which include an Aussie mix, a terrier mix and two Yorkie mixes. “I’m a sucker for Yorkies,” she said.

Suzanne and her boyfriend, Josh, who works from home and thus became Boss’ principal caretaker, nursed the fragile animal, giving him anti-inflammatories and gently pushing food and water under his nose. After a month, Boss began walking and standing. “It was a slow process to get him to walk forward without falling over,” said Suzanne. “For his physical therapy, we put a Cheerio a foot away from him so he would learn to walk toward it.”

For more than a year, the couple doted on Boss, caring for him until he regained his strength and neurological functioning. When Suzanne took Boss in for a neurology consult with Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology, Shawna, one of the veterinary technicians, fell in love with Boss and decided to adopt him on the spot. “It’s a great setup,” said Suzanne. “Not only does she have a large family that can care for him but she can take him to work with her!”

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