Maggie Has a Cow

Last August, I was looking at pictures of adoptable dogs on your website and found my Maggie. Her picture was friendly and goofy—and I just knew she was my dog. I went to the Quebec Street shelter the next day and brought her home.

Now, a year later, it is hard to imagine my life without Maggie. She is my constant companion and anchors me in a pleasant routine every day.

Maggie enjoys nearly everything we do—which reminds me to have a bit more fun myself. I love walking with her around our neighborhood and taking her on adventures with me.

I just wanted to say thanks for caring for her while she was at the shelter, and for the great work you do for other pets in your care.

(Here is a picture of Maggie, an Australian cattle dog-boxer mix, with her favorite toy. It is, appropriately, a cow.)

— Kacie M.