Marley the Facetime Cat


Technology has become a vital part of our daily lives. With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we are connected more now than ever before. It allows us to keep in contact with old friends and faraway family and share photos and stories of our daily lives.

Now, you might ask yourself, why is the Dumb Friends League talking technology? We’re an animal shelter. We’re in the business of helping some of our most vulnerable citizens: homeless pets. Well, today we have a very special story for you. One that started with a loving family, an iPad and an … *ahem* … large brown tabby named Marley.

Ariel and her husband Chris happened to be in the market for another cat. Their beloved, 17-year-old cat Dante passed away a couple weeks before due to complications from hyperthyroidism. With their other resident cat feeling a bit lonely, Ariel made her way to the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock just to see what was available. After talking with adoption counselors, she met Marley. Ariel was smitten, but she knew her husband would want to meet Marley first.

You see, he had a very specific type of cat in mind—a big cat with a big personality (let’s just say that Marley fit the bill). Ariel put a hold on this fluffy feline, promising to come back the next day with her husband to meet Marley.

The problem? Chris is retired Army, currently working overseas as a civilian in the special operations division.

Ariel didn’t let this slow her down. Being a smart and determined lady, she whipped out her iPad and headed back to the Buddy Center the following day. There—with a 10-hour time difference and from over 7,000 miles away—Chris and Marley met for the first time, thanks to Facetime. Ariel and Chris knew he was the right fit when Marley “stuck his face in the camera and rubbed against the iPad.”

Marley is settling in comfortably at Ariel and Chris’s home. Ariel tells stories, between laughs, of how Marley loves to lounge around, lying on his back. She says she “really wanted him [Chris] to be a part of the decision.” And, while Chris won’t be home for some time, we feel confident that he’ll have many more Facetime conversations with the family’s newest feline companion, thanks to the wonders of technology.

Looking to find your own Marley? Visit our adoption page to see all the wonderful pets available for adoption today.