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Marvelous Marvin

Often, someone visits one of the Dumb Friends League shelters, comes across a pet and wonders, “Why would anyone let this animal go.” Of course there are many different reasons why homeless pets arrive at the League, but when a match is made and an animal finds a home, it’s easy to take a “their loss is our gain” attitude, and that’s just what happened with Marvin (formerly known as Cheeto) and his new family.

Laurie had two bonded elderly cats, Oscar and Frankie. While Giles wasn’t necessarily a cat person when he moved in with Laurie, he quickly became one after Oscar got sick, and he began to take care of Frankie while Laurie tended to the ailing Oscar. “I never had an animal love me as much as Frankie did,” said Giles, “and the feeling was mutual.” Almost a year after Oscar passed away, Laurie and Giles were ready to adopt another cat, and a skittish but full of love cat named Floyd joined their family. Sadly, just as Floyd transitioned to the household, Frankie was diagnosed with cancer, and he passed away 18 months after his buddy Oscar.

Floyd was an active cat, and Laurie knew he was the sort of feline that needed a companion, so she and Giles went to the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center once their hearts were ready. They came across Marvin, a 1-year-old red tabby, and he immediately began engaging with the couple. While Marvin seemed confident, he was a bit nervous, but Laurie and Giles could see hints of his fun and lively side, which is just what they hoped for with Floyd’s new friend. Without having much background information on Marvin and how he related to other cats, the couple left to consider the adoption.

Laurie and Giles spent the week after meeting Marvin thinking about the gorgeous feline they spent time with, and they kept checking the website to see if he was still at the Buddy Center. They knew with the upcoming Clear the Shelters event, there was a strong possibility that Marvin would be adopted, so Laurie and Giles came the night before to spend more time with him.

When the couple returned, Marvin was in the front cat room with other adoptable felines, so Laurie and Giles had their answer about whether he was good with other cats. While they took a last walk around looking at other cats and talking about how Floyd would react, the couple’s hearts kept going back to Marvin. During their second meeting, Marvin was quite eager to engage with both Laurie and Giles, and they knew “he was ours, and we were his.” Laurie and Giles couldn’t resist Marvin’s cuddly charms, and home they all went.

While Marvin initially used a closet as a “home base,” he didn’t hide from Laurie and Giles. Marvin played, ate and drank from the first night he came home, and he even spent the night cuddled up on Giles’s legs, which, according to Laurie, may have turned him into a forever cat person.

“After the initial period of adjustment in which the cats were kept away from each other (though they played pawsies under the door almost immediately) and we gave Floyd extra love, the cats explored each other’s spaces without meeting, met each other through a cracked door and then met for real,” said Laurie. “It was instant love and playtime! We knew they were the perfect match for each other.”

Today, Marvin and Floyd like kitty snuggles, rowdiness and hijinks. “They’ve made our home a really entertaining place to be,” said Laurie. “Marvin has quite the personality and already runs the house a little bit.”

When Marvin isn’t playing with Floyd, he enjoys looking out the windows and feeling the fresh air on his fur. He’s also a fan of toys, especially those that have feathers, but he can skip anything with lasers. Marvin also likes to jump on a bookcase with a faux sheepskin and lounge while Floyd, who is a bit small and clumsy, tries to figure out how he can join his brother.

“Adopting from the Dumb Friends League was a wonderful experience! We really appreciated their counseling and how much their counselors knew about cats,” said Laurie. “It was clear they cared very much about making sure the cats and their people were a good match. It’s true love. Thank you so much for all you do for animals–they enrich our lives and make us better–not to mention the endless entertainment they provide with their hijinks!”

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