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Matoska: Perfect for us


Our family had been discussing the possibility of a dog for some time. I began causally grazing pet adoption sites, and eventually made my way down to DDFL on Quebec Street. I looked at a few dogs, and sent a picture of Matoska (then Dozier) to my partner, who was hesitant because he was “older” – according to his kennel card, their best guess was around 9 years.

We waited a few weeks, and on a whim, decided to visit a couple of shelters in the Denver area. We trekked back to DFL on Quebec, and made our way down to the Buddy Center. When we got there, we noticed Dozier had been moved. When we inquired about him, they informed us that he was extremely timid, but seemed gentle. He was received at the shelter around the end of April, was adopted out, found as a stray, and when the owner was contacted, well – he ultimately ended up with another stay at DFL. We have two smaller children (6 and 3) so it didn’t seem like a great match at first. DFL staff agreed to let us meet with him, but outside, where he felt most comfortable. Per his previous owner surrender information, he was an ex-sled dog, and lived mostly outdoors.

We sat outside with him for about an hour before he approached us. He was very cautious, and quick to run if approached by anyone. He eventually took a treat from my partner’s hand, and the shelter staff seemed pretty astonished as he had refused treats from them during his month long stay.

We decided to take him home, and while he is still shy, he is definitely a much different dog. He is happy and most confident when on walks. He now will let strangers approach and gives them a good sniff. He LOVES other dogs, as well as car rides and camping. We can now put a leash or harness over his head where before he would avoid it at all costs (running in any direction to get away). He lounges with us in the living room, and even asks for pets! He allows my 6 year old to approach, pet, and even walk him. The 3 year old can run past him and he doesn’t flinch. He even kennels with no issues.

Matoska isn’t perfect, but he’s perfect for us. He’s a dog, which in a different situation may have been euthanized and not seen as a candidate for adoption. Because DFL took a chance on him, and on us as a family, he now has a loving home for the rest of his days.

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