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Maximus Fluffington Fits Right In

Last August, a fluffy, black-and-white cat was traveling around town on our mobile adoption unit, the Pet Care-avan, hoping someone would take a liking to him. Just as we were closing up shop for the day, a family arrived and decided he was the cat for them. Our staff stayed late to complete the adoption, and the newly named “Maximus Fluffington” headed home. They recently wrote us to say that Max is fitting in nicely—and sent us the pictures to prove it.

We got Max from your mobile adoption unit in Arvada in August. We got there right as they were about to leave, and the wonderful adoption specialists stayed around to let us adopt him. Our three boys quickly came up with his name, “Maximus Fluffington,” which we shortened to just Max. He has quickly become a beloved member of the family. He takes turns napping with everyone in the family, even our two dogs. He is a joy to have around, and his energy is so much fun. We have even seen him bring out some energy in our 14-year-old orange tabby. We look forward to many more years of having Max as a part of our family. Thank you Dumb Friends League!

– Jessi, Adam, Luke, Aaron and Eli

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