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Meet Dan Clement

Humane Education Team

The newest member of the Humane Education team, Dan Clement comes from our Customer Care department, where he has worked for the two years. He will now split his duties between those two departments, and his focus in his role as community educator will be on running the League’s volunteer clubs.

Originally from upstate New York, Dan spent 11 years in the U.S. Navy, landing in Colorado in 2011. He brings a background in secondary education and has worked with kids of all ages, most recently as a Kinder Care teacher. “I am very excited to return to my roots as an educator,” said Dan.” I love working with kids, teaching them new information and watching them learn and grow. Also, I like to think that I have a positive impact on their lives.”

When not at the League, Dan enjoys spending time with friends, family and his English bulldog, Eri. He’s a fan of camping, off-roading and being outdoors in general. Welcome, Dan!

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