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Meet Sally, one of the hardest working dogs at the Dumb Friends League

Sally and Amanda

Sally is one busy dog. While you could find Sally curled up at home next to her mom, Dumb Friends League Humane Education Manager, Amanda Kludasch, you could also just as easily discover Sally working as one of the League’s ambassadogs.

Amanda adopted Sally from the Las Vegas SPCA when she was a 1-year-old pup. Sally, who is now 11-years old, is a harrier hound mixed with foxhound. Six months ago, Sally became an ambassadog, and her resume is impressive. Sally travels to at least two to three schools or community organizations each week, participating in humane education classes throughout the Denver metro area and several surrounding counties.

According to her mom, Sally’s first classroom visit was exciting because the kindergarten class happened to take place outside on the playground. Sally loved laying in the grass, watching the kids play and, of course, taking in the new smells. In return for getting pets and all sorts of attention, Sally is known to give each kiddo a friendly sniff on their faces and hands as a parting gift after programs.

Sally shares her home with her with mom, dad, a toddler, another dog, two chickens, a frog and some fish. In her spare time, Sally enjoys kids, walks, hikes and cheese for a treat.

So, what does Sally enjoy most about being an ambassadog? Amanda guesses that Sally loves the attention and extra TLC because it feeds into her princess-like tendencies. With more than 50 educational programs under her collar, Sally shows no signs of slowing down even without a tiara.

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