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Sometimes, there are homeless pets that come to the Dumb Friends League who simply capture our hearts. Oh sure, every animal is unique and has its own “ness”—you know, those special qualities that set them apart from everyone else—but some days, you’re fortunate to come across a remarkable creature. Enter Melty.

Four-year-old Melty was transferred to the Quebec Street Shelter from a partner organization. The sweet brown and white domestic medium-haired feline had more than his fair share of issues. Melty had a genetic condition that caused his eyelid to fold inward, which is painful because the eyelashes continuously rub against the cornea causing irritation. This rubbing had caused a severe infection. Our veterinarians performed surgery to relieve Melty’s discomfort, and his path to recovery went well. As if his eye challenges weren’t enough, Melty’s pelvis had also been broken in his past, but it was far enough into the healing process that it wasn’t beneficial for our veterinarians to intervene, and Melty’s body needed to finish the healing process on its own. After a bit of resting in his kennel, Melty had a willingness to climb, indicating his healing pelvic injury was not painful. Our Melty also had digestive issues and suffered the repercussions that come with stomach problems. Melty was put on Hill’s® Prescription Diet® i/d® Feline Digestive Care to resolve the condition.

Melty also has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). While FIV does not define Melty (or any other cat for that matter), it means he might more susceptible to illnesses and may require some additional medical care in the future. (FIV positive cats like Melty can live long, happy lives.)

Now, you see what we meant when we said Melty had some challenges. With everything Melty had going on though, he quickly charmed staff and volunteers alike during his stay at the League. Always eager for chin scratches and company, Melty’s heart of gold turned everyone else’s into puddles. Despite his health issues, Melty’s disposition was always positive. Seriously, always.

After this article was written, sweet Melty was adopted. The day after his adoption, a chorus of “Ohhhhh, Melty found a home!” could be heard throughout the shelter.

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