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Mercedes a luxury horse

On paper, Mercedes might appear like most other 5-year-old quarter horse mares. She has a beautiful sorrel coat, a gentle and affectionate disposition and the desire to spend her days in sunny pastures surrounded by kind individuals. What isn’t immediately apparent is that this quarter horse is homeless and is looking for a second chance at a new life. Residing in Oklahoma, the future was uncertain for Mercedes. The organization that had been providing great care to this kind horse reached out to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center asking for help, and this is where her journey began. A journey that wouldn’t last just the time it took to travel from Oklahoma, but that would take 630 days and counting…

Hitching a ride to a new life

Before Mercedes’ journey to the Harmony Equine Center in Franktown could begin, we first needed to evaluate an existing medical condition. Mercedes had a history of lameness in her right front leg caused by a bone spur, and it was necessary to ensure that the injury was treatable allowing the young horse to travel safely to Colorado.

Collaborating with Colorado State University (CSU), her injury was evaluated, and veterinarians felt confident that surgery would be able to remove the spur, alleviating her pain and (fingers crossed) curing her lameness, taking the young horse from a pasture companion to a rideable equine. So, with the green light from all, Mercedes loaded up and made the journey to her new home.

Mercedes underwent her procedure, at no cost thanks to the generosity of our friends at CSU, and although the bone spur was removed successfully it seemed that she would remain lame for the rest of her life. The young beautiful mare was not rideable and was destined to be a companion horse.

Lazy days at the Harmony Equine Center for an adoptable horse

Working on nearly two years later, Mercedes is still waiting to find her home. Although 630 days is quite a while to wait to meet your new family it’s important to understand that this sweet horse isn’t living a hard life. She enjoys rolling pastures and good company at the Harmony Equine Center (if you’ve visited the facility, you know what we’re talking about – if not, click here to learn more about Harmony’s hours of operation). Mercedes has made a lasting impression on the staff and volunteers, even earning her the reputation of being the resident “roly-poly”, from Harmony Equine Center Director Garret Leonard. Leonard dotes on the young mare, describing her as an extremely sweet horse who loves attention from people. And, as much as we’d hate to say goodbye to this sweet girl, we’d sure like to see her go. We know her home is out there somewhere, so help a horse out and come meet her today. She may not have as much “horse power” as her namesake, but we’re confident she’ll bring you more joy than any automobile ever could–and with an adoption fee of $250.00 you’ll not only be saving a life but saving a few bucks as well.

The Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center is open to the public every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and by appointment Monday through Thursday. The dedicated staff will work with you on finding the right horse to meet your needs. All horses receive compassionate care, rehabilitation and professional training at the Harmony Equine Center. Change the life of an equine in need by visiting today!

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