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Milly is a feel-good story wrapped in fur

The pup now known as Milly first arrived at the Dumb Friends League in 2016 after a 12-year-old found the sweet dog and brought her home. The family already had a dog and two cats, and the patron explained they were unable to care for another animal, but for the few weeks the family had Milly, the pit bull was housebroken, showed no signs of aggressive behavior and got along with the other members in the house—both of the two and four-legged variety.

Milly was a bit fearful, but while she was on the slower side to warm up to people, she allowed pets and handling. She was enrolled in the League’s Canine Courage program, which uses positive reinforcement training to help overcome challenges such as overstimulation, fear, body handling issues or frustration. After a few sessions, Milly welcomed the sight of her leash for walks, wanted to play and generously gave out licks—even during veterinary exams.

While Milly was soon adopted, it wasn’t the last time she would visit the League. After almost two years in her home, Milly made her feelings clear for one of the other two resident dogs when her senior canine sibling approached, and she nipped at his ear. Milly was fine with the other pup, at the dog park and on walks, but for whatever reason, she was not OK with that particular dog. The patron mentioned that Milly had food allergies and skin issues, but that she wasn’t actively treating the conditions.

During her second time at the League, Milly was tense but curious with sniffs and tail wags each time someone passed her kennel. After a determining that Milly could benefit from some refresher sessions, she was re-enrolled in Canine Courage. And, as for those skin and food sensitivities, Milly began Hill’s® Prescription Diet® z/d.

Milly’s behavior and health improved, and once she was ready for adoption, our staff noted her ideal environment would have no small dogs or children under 10 and be a fun and active forever home —and if there were plenty of treats, all the better.
Enter Leah and her family.

“My family adopted two dogs a few years ago from the League and had a great experience, and we loved participating in the Furry Scurry, so it was a no brainer,” said Leah. “Plus, we live in a city that does not have breed specific legislation, so we were looking for a bully breed to rescue.”

When Leah’s clan met Milly, she was on the shy side and hesitant to approach. “It was obvious Milly had a huge pull toward people. Her eyes were empathetic, and she looked like a dog who was an expert snuggler,” said Leah. Milly also met and got along with Lucy, the family’s 5-year-old pit bull.

Leah is happy to report that Milly brightened up the moment she was brought her home. “It seems Milly is perfectly suited to complete a dog and cat companion trio,” said Leah. “It also turns out Milly has immune-mediated polyarthritis, which flares up due to her seasonal and food allergies.” Milly is still enjoying Hill’s® Prescription Diet® z/d, and Leah has seen a drastic difference in her coat and weight. “It has helped to keep her immune disease at bay, and even our cat is jealous of her delicious dinners,” said Leah.

Milly loves to wear boots and sweaters, sees every chew toy as a challenge to withstand her carnage and is a homebody who loves to play with the cat—although Milly does enjoy walks and hikes, and Leah suspects it’s because she loves to fulfill her duty as their security detail!

“Milly has blossomed. She can still be a bit shy with strangers initially but otherwise is an extremely loving friend,” said Leah. “As she’s grown more comfortable with our other dog and cat, she’s settled in and has developed her confidence. With allergy medication shots and prescription allergy food, she is a happy and healthy dog.”

“Milly is absolutely a sunshine in our lives and makes us laugh every day. It said so much that everyone at the League loved our dog so well and took time to say goodbye. We are so grateful for the investment of everyone at the Dumb Friends League.”

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