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Miniature Horses Create Maximum Interest

Mini Horses

By Deb Marsh, volunteer writer

Harmony Equine Center recently took in a group of 35 mini-horses. Each full-grown animal is about the height of a Great Dane, although their heftier bodies weigh more. The tiny horses were brought to the center from Houston, where they had been seized due to neglect. When hurricane Harvey hit, the animals were moved out to make room for those left homeless due to flooding.

Trainers at Harmony soon found that only a couple of the animals had ever been handled. They set to work getting halters on the little horses so they could be caught and gentled. Minis can be trained to pull a cart, although Harmony staff have their hands full teaching the animals ground manners.

When word got out to the public about the unusual equines, a waiting list of potential adopters soon developed. Some people will use the little horses as companion animals for larger equines, some will add to their herd of minis, and others will use them as pets to entertain grandchildren.

Watch this video of a Harmony Equine Center trainer working with some of the mini-horses.

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