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Minnie, the Miracle Dog

Minnie was a tiny, 10-year-old Chihuahua who came to the Dumb Friends League with a severe heart murmur and a skin condition that caused her to lose most of her hair. Her health issues didn’t affect her lively spirit, however—she was one of the sweetest, happiest, most lovable dogs we’d ever met. But because of the severity of her heart murmur, our veterinarians expected she only had a few weeks to live, a couple of months at most. Despite her prognosis, we were determined to find Minnie a home, so we placed her in our Adoption Outreach program, which matches special-needs pets with special people.

Sarah G. is a longtime supporter of the Dumb Friends League and our annual Furry Scurry dog walk. As one of our top fundraisers, Sarah attended the Furry Scurry kickoff party in February 2014—and that’s where she met Minnie. Sarah, a professor at the University of Denver, decided she wanted to give Minnie a loving home to live out her final days—one where she would be cherished and adored every moment of the time she had left.

“I will never forget the day I adopted Minnie, both joyous and potentially somber, knowing that we might lose her in weeks or months,” says Sarah. “I have not once, even for a moment, ever regretted bringing her home.”

On March 5, Sarah and Minnie celebrated her unexpected (but very happy) one-year anniversary in her new home.

Sarah proudly toted Minnie along at the 2014 Furry Scurry and plans to bring her again this year—as a testament to why she supports the Dumb Friends League and the lifesaving work we do.

Minnie is an inspiration to everyone she meets, and Sarah makes a point to celebrate the little dog’s life each day. “I thought I was bringing her home to die, but inevitably I was bringing her home to LIVE!” says Sarah.

At the Dumb Friends League, our doors are open to all pets in need—whether they are old, injured, ill or in need of special care—and we are committed to finding homes for every adoptable animal. Fundraising events like the Furry Scurry allow the Dumb Friends League to provide vital programs and services to the animals and people in our community—and give second chances for happiness to more than 17,000 homeless pets each year.

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