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Muttley Crew: BOGO on Max & Marley

BOGO Max and Charley

Who doesn’t love buy one get one free? Twice the toilet paper, twice the Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries … you know the drill.

Well, friends, here’s a BOGO that will give you twice the big brown eyes, twice the wags and twice the love—with no coupon required. It’s called the Max & Marley Wanna Go Home With You Sale, and it’s a limited-time offer because once people find out about this doggone good deal, these good boys won’t be at our shelter much longer.

So here’s the fine print: Max & Marley are a package deal. You don’t get one without the other. Why? Because they’ve lived together for a long time and they love each other. As in loooove each other. They belong together, so you wouldn’t want to break up a friendship like theirs (and neither would we).

But what a combo they are! Marley is a laid-back, 10-year-old boxer whose favorite pastimes are sleeping, getting his ears scratched, sunbathing, sleeping, taking walks and did we mention sleeping?

His sidekick Max is a 4-year-old Parson Russell terrier mix who is super smart and sweet. His favorite pastime is hanging out with his BFF Marley, aka The Big Guy.

Oh yeah, we should probably mention that while you’re getting two lovable, friendly dogs with our BOGO deal, you’re only getting seven legs. That’s because Marley had his left hind leg amputated at our shelter, but no worries; he gets along just fine on the three that remain.

So if your heart is feeling a little lonely and your home is lacking in the canine companionship department, here’s an offer you simply can’t—and shouldn’t—refuse. Come adopt Marley, and you’ll get Max too. Or spring for Max, and Marley will come along for the ride. Either way, you’re all going to be one big, happy family. Deal?

You can Buy One, Get One Free when you adopt Marley & Max, two members of our Muttley Crew!

Take a look Max & Marley, as well as our other adoptable pets!

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