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Muttley Crew: Give this girl a break

Oh Maddie, what a sweet, salt-and-pepa face you have! And what a hard life you’ve led!

At 10 years old, Maddie—an Australian cattle dog—came to the Dumb Friends League from an overcrowded shelter in Texas, where a dog of her age had virtually no chance of being adopted. She had been living with hundreds of other dogs in less-than-ideal conditions, so we were happy to bring her to Colorado, where we (and by that, I mean YOU) are known for compassion for vulnerable animals, and especially vulnerable older animals.

Maddie, bless her heart, has now been at our shelter for two months. Sure, we’ve been providing the veterinary care that was long overdue for part of that time, and giving her walks every day, and helping her understand that she’s safe now. But for much of those two months, Maddie has simply been waiting for someone to adopt her. And as each day goes by, our dog-walking volunteers rave about Maddie and how sweet and affectionate and friendly and easy to walk she is.

So why is Maddie still with us? Well, Maddie remains a bit uncertain about other dogs—but who can blame her, considering her former stress-filled environment? We think Maddie is a great girl and just needs to meet any other dogs that might be in her new household to see if they agree. Or wouldn’t it be grand if Maddie could be the one-and-only center of attention during her golden years?

If you’d like to make Maddie the star of your universe, please come meet her at our Quebec Street Shelter.

Get $25 off Maddie’s adoption fee as part of our Muttley Crew.

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