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Muttley Crew: Lonely Guinevere awaits her hero – Adopted!


“Guinevere.” The name conjures fables of King Arthur’s famously beautiful wife, a medieval hottie whose long, flowing hair and come-hither looks bewitched his majesty’s right-hand knight, Sir Lancelot, leading to a Round Table love triangle that ended badly for pretty much everyone.

We bring up this sordid tale because right now, we have our very own Guinevere at the Quebec Street Shelter—and we’d like her story to end happily ever after.

Our Guinevere, much like the tragic queen of yore, is lonely, longing for true love, hoping for a hero or heroine (after all, it’s not the Dark Ages) to come for her.

You see, Guinevere has become sad and depressed as she awaits her rescuer. What is keeping all the noble knights and fair ladies of the land from springing this lovely girl from our shelter?

Well, first of all, Guinevere is an elegant old soul in a pit bull’s body. WAIT! DON’T STOP READING! We know that plenty of you live in breed-friendly communities and that plenty of you have experienced the love and companionship of a pit bull. So back to our story …

Guinevere is everything you could want in a sweet, lovable, friendly, 7-year-old couch potato. Put her on a leash and she’ll walk slowly, slowly, with ever-so-much dignity, at your side. Sit on the floor of her kennel next to where she’s lying in her bed, sad brown eyes gazing forlornly into the distance, and she’ll instantly place her large and regal head in your lap. What she really wants is her neck scratched, if you please.

Unlike Queen Guinevere, our Gwen’s hair is a bit dry and her body a tad well-rounded—the result of what we suspect is hypothyroidism, a very manageable condition that you, gentle friend, can have confirmed by your veterinarian and then treated with daily medication. Not too much to ask for a damsel in distress, is it?

We believe our Guinevere would fare most happily in a quiet home without children, a home with another social-but-mellow dog who could be her loyal companion. Our Gwen would, of course, want to meet such a dog before entering into a relationship because, contrary to Queen G, she’s looking for more than just a pretty face. (Gwen’s kennel cough treatment will end June 25, so please inquire about bringing canine visitors until then.)

If you’ve ever wanted to save the day for a pet-in-waiting, we just may have the Guinevere for you. Stop by our Quebec Street Shelter or call (303) 751-5772 to start your own legendary love story.

Because Guinevere is a member of our Muttley Crew, you’ll receive $25 off her adoption fee.

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