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Muttley Crew: Will someone save these star-crossed lovers?

Romeo and Juliet are in love. Their eyes shine and their tails wag as they look in each other’s sweet little faces, graying with age.

You see, Romeo, an 8-year-old dachshund, and Juliet, a 12-year-old Chihuahua mix, care nothing about grizzled muzzles or missing teeth. They simply know that they’ve always been together, and their world would not be the same should they ever be parted. That’s why we’re adopting them out as a bonded pair, meaning where Juliet goes, Romeo must follow.

Our furry hero and heroine met in Texas and somehow ended up in an overcrowded shelter there, without hope of ever finding a home. So we brought them to our Quebec Street Shelter in Denver, where we realized they were long overdue for veterinary care and dental work. Both Romeo and Juliet were suffering from severe dental disease, so we extracted a number of their teeth—all of them in Juliet’s case, which means that her perky pink tongue now escapes from her mouth in an oh-so-adorable fashion.

This charming couple has been at our shelter for a month, waiting for a loving home where they’ll be together for the rest of their days. We know that Coloradans have big hearts, especially for elderly dogs who are still smitten with each other after all these years. Please, won’t you stop by our Quebec Street Shelter to give Romeo and Juliet a happy ending?

Get $25 off both adoption fees when you adopt Romeo & Juliet, two members of our Muttley Crew!

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