Neglected Horses on Long Road to Recovery

The severely neglected horses that came to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center in early September after being seized by the Houston SPCA from a facility in Conroe, Texas, are slowly making progress.

“Overall, the horses are doing fantastic,” says Garret Leonard, director of the Harmony Equine Center. “They have gained a substantial amount of weight, with most putting on between 100 and 140 pounds in just 35 days. All of the stallions have been gelded, thanks to a generous group of Colorado State University veterinary students who came down to the center to perform the surgeries at no cost to us. Those horses are now in our rehabilitation program and are ready to start working with our trainers. We are still treating most of the horses for serious hoof issues, so a great deal of care is still needed.”

RangerLeonard says that working with untouched, unbroken horses can be dangerous and that getting them halter trained and ready to ride will be a long process. “We’ll just keep giving them the care they deserve and working with them until they’re healthy, trust humans and are ready for adoption.”

To help the Dumb Friends League care for these horses and others currently at the Harmony Equine Center, please make a donation.

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