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Newbie Volunteer Tips

  • Did you know you can find Volunteer Vitals, the weekly volunteer email update, on the Dumb Friends League volunteer webpage? If you miss the Friday Volunteer Vitals, you can find issues from the current week and previous three weeks www.ddfl.orgvol-login.
  • Did you know that we dropped the “Denver” from our name in 2002? The Dumb Friends League used to be called the Denver Dumb Friends League, but in 2002 when we opened the Buddy Center in Castle Rock, we dropped the Denver part of our name to reflect our expanding service area.
  • Calling out for a shift? You can email the Volunteer Services department at or call (720) 241-7146. You can’t remove yourself from the calendar, but you can always pick up shifts.
  • Foster parents: Want a foster pet? You can visit the foster page on the volunteer webpage, or you can contact the Foster department at if you aren’t seeing someone. We don’t currently call foster parents when we have pets available, so please contact foster when you are ready to provide temporary care to a pet (or pets) in need.

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