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No going back for Chandra


In July 2012, I spied the most beautiful cat I had ever seen [at your shelter]. She was shy, had bad teeth, was probably over 5 years old, didn’t do well with other cats and perhaps had litterbox issues. I had a master bedroom away from other animals and just had to bring her home.

The first day home, “Callie” didn’t seem to fit her as she went from hiding under the bed during the day to tearing through the bedroom as soon as the sun went down. Eventually we settled on Chandra, a lunar god.

Chandra had to visit the vet early on for teeth work and some ear problems. She did not enjoy those visits. She came home from one vet with a one-page paper on her teeth and over a dozen more on her behavior. She was NOT a friendly feline. She would not snuggle and would barely tolerate being petted.

We never gave up on her. We kept her in the large master bedroom, where she continued her nightly racings, and bought her a nice, large tower to scratch and climb.

Then, one night, the unthinkable happened. She came up on the bed, nuzzled into the crook of my arm and stayed there for hours. I don’t think I slept, afraid to move, but I may have cried in joy. Over the next days and weeks, she became more snuggly, until she began sitting on laps and eventually begging for pets and even belly rubs!

Today, she sleeps on or near me, often back in the crook of my arm. Right now, she is trying to get between me and laptop keyboard, just like a “normal” cat. Her litterbox issues resolved early on, and she’s been great in that regard ever since.

So thank you for not giving up on an adult cat with bad teeth, bad behavior and litterbox issues. You knew there was a home for her, and you were right.

Melinda C., Denver, Colo.

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