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Not All Lab, But All Love

One random day, Lee decided to call the Dumb Friends League to find out if there were any older dogs up for adoption. When Lee heard about Chloe, she immediately came to the Quebec Street Shelter and explained how that random day turned into a fateful day.

Lee was having a difficult year health-wise, and she was looking for a companion. “My life isn’t anything without a dog,” said Lee, a previous League adopter. When 3-year-old Chloe, a 65-pound Labrador retriever, came into the visiting room, Lee said the pup looked her right in the eyes, turned and sat down at her feet. “We just knew—both of us—that we were right for each other,” Lee explained.

Chloe spends her days romping in her backyard and patrolling the border while Lee sits and watches her play from the porch. When inside, Lee reports that Chloe stays close to her, comforts her when she needs it, makes her laugh and helps her weather challenging days.

“I am overwhelmed with love,” said Lee. “I am honored to be Chloe’s human companion, and at this time in my life, she is perfect for me. Thank you to the League for bringing us together.”

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