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Old dog steals young man’s heart

Geriatric, with marked dental disease, obese, heart murmur and poor coat condition were initially used to describe Danny the dog. At 11-years-old the small miniature pinscher mix found himself at the Dumb Friends League after being removed from a case of serious neglect and abuse in Pueblo, Colo. It didn’t take long for this little dog’s medical descriptors to change and soon everyone who met him used words like friendly, affectionate and lovely. It was clear this old man still had a lot of life and a whole lotta love to give.

Homeless and neglected senior dog gets his second chance

Despite his past, Danny lived up to his new reputation at the League, remaining affectionate and eagerly seeking attention from everyone he met. Arriving at the shelter, with limited information on Danny’s past we could see that although old, this handsome dog had a lot of love to give but would require the right home to be able to manage his laundry list of medical conditions. Never deterred we were up for the challenge and began to treat his medical needs helping to set him up for success in his new home.

Danny was seen by our veterinary team, underwent surgery to remove most of his teeth and started on healthy food from Hill’s Pet Nutrition to help him lose weight and improve his coat. It didn’t take long for Danny to steal the hearts of the staff and volunteers at the League, and his ability to love was never lost despite the trauma he suffered in his past.

Family searches for weeks to adopt the right dog

Here we meet Ryan, a compassionate 14-year-old young man looking for his new best friend. Ryan came to the League with his mom Maggie looking for a new dog. And, while he didn’t have a specific breed in mind he did know that he wanted to adopt a senior pet. According to Ryan, he “hates seeing them here so long, and not as many people want to adopt them.” Ryan and his mom had been searching for weeks to find a new canine companion, and it didn’t take long after Ryan and Danny met to see they had finally found their new family member. Watching Danny and Ryan interact it was apparent that the small dog knew that Ryan was the person he was meant to be with, and with tears in his eyes Ryan professed his love for Danny.

Danny’s medical conditions didn’t matter to the family. They knew this dog needed to be a part of their lives, and they would provide him with the love and care he needed and had longed for during the first 11-years of his life. Danny is living the dream, and according to Maggie he is the “best guy I have ever had with so much love to give.” Sweet Danny waits for his family at the door with a wagging tail, snuggles under blankets and enjoys long walks with Ryan. Ryan and Danny are inseparable, and the family hopes to be able to welcome another pet into their home soon to keep Danny company.

All adoptions at the Dumb Friends League bring a sense of accomplishment for staff and volunteers and with each happy story, our hearts swell just a bit more. There are absolutely some adoption tales that stand just a little above the rest. The story of Ryan and Danny is certainly one of those. It isn’t often we meet a young man with a passion for helping senior pets, and we are so glad that Danny gets to experience the joy of being a part of their family.

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