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Otis, The Not-So-Obvious Choice

After visiting with a couple of happy, friendly dogs at your shelter, I visited with Otis. He was scared and timid. He would not make eye contact with me, take a treat out of my hand or play with a toy. He sat in the tiny room facing the door.

When the time came to make a decision, something told me to take home Otis over all the other dogs that loved my attention and affection. The car ride home was the same—a blank stare out the window.

But as soon as I unlocked my front door, Otis knew he was home! He became a completely different dog than the one I had seen in the shelter, a happy-go-lucky dog who now had the home and loving companion that he needed.

Today, two years later, Otis demonstrates his love and affection towards me every day. We have learned each other’s personalities, and we get along great! Otis loves fetching, hiking, boating and especially swimming. He’s great off the leash and refuses to leave my side. He loves it when I wrap him up in a blanket in the winter and give him cool baths in the summer … I guess you could say he’s a little spoiled. He sleeps in my bed with me every night and paws at my face every morning when he decides it’s time for me to wake up.

Thank you, Dumb Friends League, for such an amazing companion!

—Heidi R.

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