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Paco the Unforgettable Feline

paco the cat

Paco is a special cat. He’s among the thousands we meet every year at the shelter, with an unforgettable personality and a tenacity for affection that will fill your heart with endless joy.

Although we can only speculate what his life was like prior to arriving at the Dumb Friends League, we can share his incredible journey that brought him here and eventually into the loving arms of adopters Chris and Brooke – but we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the beginning – or at least at our beginning, when we first met this gem of a cat.

Paco arrived on a cool evening in October of 2017 when an aircraft filled with more than 100 pets landed at Centennial International Airport after completing a 12-hour-journey from hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico. Paco made the tremendous journey from the tiny island, escaping desperate circumstances and finding a second chance at a new life.

Meeting Paco it was obvious that he was unlike his fellow feline companions that made the journey from Puerto Rico. Rather than retreating to the back of his kennel, skeptically glancing at his new surroundings, he ran to the front, meowing and smashing his face into the bars, desperate for human interaction.

Paco was examined and, other than a few minor skin conditions and an abrasion on his nose, he was determined to be healthy and was placed up for adoption. Having captivated the hearts of Dumb Friends League staff and volunteers it was not uncommon to hear murmurings of the affectionate cat named Paco while wandering the halls here at the shelter. So, it came as no surprise that Paco found his forever home in just over a week after his cross-continental journey.

Here’s where we meet Chris and girlfriend Brooke who had been considering adding a feline companion to their home for some time. They weren’t exactly sure what they wanted in a cat other than they’d prefer an adult to a kitten – not prepared to take on the crazy antics that accompany the adorable tininess of our younger feline friends. And, it appeared that it was love at first sight when these two first saw Paco–for both cat and humans alike. When asked what made Paco stand out from the other cats Chris replied, “we saw Paco and loved him right away, he got right in my lap” and that was it. Paco found his people and his people found their cat. A cat who loves food, whose skin conditions have gone away, but that affectionate spark has remained. Chris and Brooke found their buddy and we couldn’t be happier to see Paco continuing his passion – filling human’s hearts with joy while getting all the love and affection he deserves.

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