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Patience Pays Off for Happy Pair

I cannot thank you enough for leading us to our dog, Buddy, adopted in May 2011, and our cat, O’Malley, adopted in December 2013. Buddy and O’Malley are the best of friends, and they are often snuggled up with each other.

While we are all a very happy family now, I want to encourage others to ride out the adjustment period with your new pet. Buddy had to be housetrained and learn the rules of the house. O’Malley kept marking his territory, but we finally realized he felt threatened by the smell of another male cat of ours who had passed away. Once we removed old cat toys, beds and scratching posts, O’Malley has been the perfect ca-dog. (That’s what we call him as we think he acts like a dog at times.)

O’Malley is named after Thomas O’Malley from “The Aristocats.” He loves to go on walks and is the most social and talkative cat we’ve ever had. Buddy is truly everyone’s buddy and always has a soft toy in his mouth. Both of these guys have been the biggest blessing to our family, and they are always making us laugh. Thank you so much for all you do.

— Carrie O.

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