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Patty is all sorts of wonder-fur

Sweet Patty was found as a stray and arrived at the Dumb Friends League through one of our transfer partners, the Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter (PAAS), in Vinita, Oklahoma. If the almost 2-year-old Catahoula’s notes read like a report card, they would say, “Gets along well with others, loves spending recess playing with balls and water, has energy to spare, knows how to find the bathroom (and that would be outside), and she always has something to say. In general, Patty is a joy to have in class.”

Around the League, Patty’s reputation endeared her to everyone she met. She was super friendly, loved to take (and subsequently hide) toys, played keep-away, and if there was a basketball, she was in heaven. Patty didn’t like having her ears touched, but, really, does anyone?

Patty was at the League for five days before catching Emily and Stephen’s attention on our web site. The couple was so excited that there was an available dog who seemed to have everything they were looking for, and the timing aligned perfectly with their already-scheduled virtual adoption appointment.

On June 13, through the League’s Foster to Adopt program, Emily and Stephen adopted Patty. Yes, that fast! “We didn’t get to meet Patty beforehand due to COVID,” said Emily, “but her description made her sound incredibly sweet, and when we picked her up the next morning after our appointment, we were so drawn to her incredibly sweet and loving temperament. Within an hour, we knew we were never giving her back! We wanted to be the ones to offer her the spoiled life every dog deserves!”

Understandably, the couple was hesitant to bring Patty into their lives without meeting her first. “Thankfully, Callie [one of the League’s adoption counselors] was incredible at guiding us through the process and assuring us that, either way (whether we decided to adopt or not), we would be doing some good for Patty,” said Emily. “I felt awful about the prospect of having to return a dog that wasn’t a good fit, but we got incredibly lucky with Patty and knew right away that we were compatible!”

Two months have gone by, and Patty has more than adjusted to her new home. Initially, the oh-so-sweet pup was a bit stressed from all of her recent transitions, but she still showed her new humans she was trusting and loving from the start. Within a day or two, the trio completely bonded, and now, wherever Emily and Stephen go, look down, and you’re sure to find Patty. “Each day, we marvel at how much more we’ve bonded than the day before,” said Emily. “We just took a two-week road trip, and Patty has impressed us every day with her fearlessness and curiosity to explore!”

Patty still loves balls (especially basketballs) and water and is obsessed with fetch. The couple takes Patty on plenty of playdates, so she can socialize with other pups and get her fill of playing chase and keep-away. A few of Patty’s favorite things include chasing squirrels, getting pieces of cheese sticks during training sessions and lying on the patio to sunbathe. When nighttime rolls around, Patty turns into a bed hog and loves to snuggle up to her new humans. That sounds that the perfect dog day and night!

Patty’s sweet nature always shines, but it was especially apparent one specific day. “Despite being obsessed with squirrels, Patty found a fallen baby squirrel who was about 3-weeks old and was incredibly protective of her, much to our surprise,” said Emily. “We thought she might go crazy over her, but Patty would NOT leave the baby’s side until we took her back with us to clean her up. We decided that it wasn’t possible to reunite the baby with her mom and ended up taking her to a squirrel sanctuary, but Patty was right next to her every step of the way. We were so proud of her!”

We all know that pets add so much to our lives, and it’s no different for Emily and Stephen. “Having Patty has changed our lives so much already, and we can’t wait to have her with us for all of the new phases of life to come! Soon, Patty will have a backyard to guard against evil squirrels and maybe even a brother or sister to share her days with! We are so grateful to the Dumb Friends League–and special thanks to Callie for being the support we needed in making the decision to adopt!”

Visit our adoptions page or call 303.751.5772 to read about pets in need of loving homes. All adoptions include spay or neuter surgeries, age-appropriate vaccinations, a microchip ID and a free wellness visit with a participating veterinarian.

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