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Peatree’s Journey

Let’s start from the ending. The best, most wonderful part of the story where the once homeless pet is resting comfortably in their new home. Forgetting everything that came before. In a place now, that feels so wonderfully comfortable they have forgotten about what happened and the past and only now remember the joy and love they feel each and every day.

The ending for our little friend Peatree all started when she met her new person and once again found that special love. You might be wondering what happened before, and for that, I’d like to invite you to join us on a tour of what this little Chihuahua’s life was like prior to her settling in with a new family.

From loving pet to homeless dog.

Peatree’s journey began when she was relinquished to the Dumb Friends League. She had suffered an injury, and her family was unable to provide her with the care she needed. At just 4-months-old, Peatree’s world changed completely – not for the better or for the worse, it was simply different. Other than her injured front left leg, Peatree came to the shelter with a great history. She’d lived happily with dogs and cats – although her previous owner let us know the cats didn’t appreciate her playful antics much–and she had lived with young children. All told, she was a friendly and joyous little pup who would make some very lucky person quite happy.

Upon her arrival, Peatree’s injury was evaluated by Dumb Friends League veterinarians, and she started medication to help manage her pain. Weighing just 4 pounds, veterinary staff kept a close eye on her eating and drinking habits to ensure the medication was not affecting her appetite and that her tiny body was getting the nutrients it needed for her successful recovery. And, after an x-ray revealed that Peatree had a badly fractured front left leg, a plan was developed, and the care required for her recovery began.

League veterinarians scheduled surgery on this delicate little pup and found with the severity of the break, amputation would offer her the best quality of life. The surgery was a success and after a short recovery, this tough little pup was ready for adoption. During her treatment, Peatree’s happy, bouncy personality never wavered, and we were confident she’d find a wonderful home once she was well enough for adoption.

An adoptable dog on the mend.

This is how we come back to the ending, or rather the beginning. The ending of Peatree’s time at the Dumb Friends League, the end of her pain, the end of her homelessness and the beginning of her new life with a new person. A life filled with joy, snuggles and plenty of love.

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