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Pepe, the Winery Dog

Pepe, a Belgian sheepdog, was turned in to the Dumb Friends League in 2003 with limited information, only that he liked car rides and had lots of energy. I saw him posted on the League website on a Friday, and I drove from the Western Slope on Saturday morning to be at the shelter first thing Saturday morning when it opened. The League screened him and said that he was intelligent and not well trained, but wanted to learn.

The adoption fee was the best money I’ve ever spent! Pepe has spent the last 12 years as a constant companion, traveling to 37 states and going to work with me. In the past few years, he became a winery dog, as we started a new Denver urban winery. As such, we decided to feature him on one of our wine labels for Ryker’s Cellars called Doggles (the animal riding on the back is Monkey, the stuffed animal I bought Pepe the day I picked him up from the League).

Now, people request to meet Pepe when they come to the winery for tastings. He loves every bit of the attention—and we love sharing him, and his story, with others!

— Jawn R.

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