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Percy Recovering After Close Encounter With Car Fan Belt

While the recent warm weather may have us all thinking about spring, winter isn’t over yet, and it’s important to keep our pets in mind! Percy’s story is a powerful reminder of one winter pet safety tip in particular that could help save a life.

During the colder months, cats left outdoors will often take refuge under the hood of a car in their search to stay warm—which is why the Dumb Friends League recommends banging on the hood of your car or honking loudly before starting your engine in the winter.

Percy, a 1-year-old red tabby, arrived at the Dumb Friends League with severe injuries consistent with trauma caused by the fan belt of a car or truck where he was hiding, which left him with a badly fractured jaw. Percy required intensive care in our medical center, and our veterinarians performed surgery to repair his fractured jaw. We also fitted him with an external fixation device to help stabilize the bones in his jaw while they heal.

This incredibly sweet cat is currently recovering in a foster home, and will be up for adoption once he has completely healed. Percy’s story serves as an unfortunate reminder to brush up on these important cold weather safety tips and always keep your cats indoors. Regardless of the weather where you are right now, it’s information that could save a life in the future.

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