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Piper: A Daily Experience

I got Piper from the Dumb Friends League about three years ago. Piper isn’t a dog; he’s a daily experience.

He was abandoned at the shelter with no history. I don’t think he was abused, but he was scared of noises, new objects and shadowy places with no apparent exit. He is still scared, but filled with a terrier’s bravado.

Piper and I live alone, and I am partially paralyzed and mostly homebound. Occasionally, I fall. Piper does not leave my side until he’s sure I am OK…

When he thinks I need a lift, he brings me his fluffy, purple Christmas blankie, which normally I am not allowed to touch. He also brings me chew bones and balls, all of which he removes when he thinks I have been “lifted” enough.

Piper likes to watch dog shows on TV and never misses a minute watching Westminster from my lap, although he’s not a lap dog by any definition. He’s a comedian, and his most powerful positive reinforcement is my laughter.

I cannot overstate the effect this delightful creature has on my health, or all that he adds to my life. I cannot overstate my gratitude to the Dumb Friends League for their help in bringing us together. I cannot imagine living alone without my guardian angel, Fulbert MacPiper.

— Sue E.

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