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Shy Puppy Shandy Blossoms into Lily

Pit Bull Shandy

Recently, a large, spayed 1-year-old pit bull came to our shelter and we dubbed her Shandy. Relinquished by her owner because her city does not allow pit bulls, the sweet girl quickly became a staff favorite. Adoptions Associate Caitlin Bennett says Shandy was very timid at first. On her first walk to the dog play area, she cowered. She was nervous when meeting another large dog but eventually dipped into some play “bowing.”

“I fell in love with the way she kept looking back at me with her big ‘pittie’ smile just to make sure I was still there,” says Caitlin, who worked one-on-one with Shandy to build her confidence.

Shandy always greeted her warmly with wiggles, and loved to frolic with small dogs. Encountering new people in the lobby, the pup shyly tucked her tail and closed her eyes, appearing to merely tolerate being petted. Sometimes while on walks she’d lie down and need to be coaxed to continue. Slowly she grew more confident around people and proved that once a person gained her trust, she was very loyal and well behaved.

The lucky pup was adopted by Karen and Terri S. as an addition to their menagerie of one dog, three cats, two parrots and two macaws. They live in the pit bull-friendly community of Northglenn, so when they saw Shandy on Facebook, they came in to meet her and fell in love.

Reserved at the shelter, Shandy blossomed into a different dog at home, and was rechristened Lily. Her new owners discovered she was well trained by her previous owner. She was comfortable in a kennel and got along famously with their cats and their tripod Jack Russell mix, Pogo.

“Lily’s only problem is she’s way too serious,” said Karen. “Our job is to bring fun and joy back to her life. So far, so good.” Out on walks, people are sometimes intimidated by her looks. “We’re educating lots of people in the neighborhood about how great pit bulls can be. She’s a fantastic ambassador for the breed. We can’t thank the Dumb Friends League enough for matching us with one of our soul mates. We are so lucky to have her in our lives.”

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