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With each construction update we share how exciting the Building a Better Way Home project is, but it’s true! Not a day goes by where progress isn’t happening, and the Quebec Street Shelter is buzzing with activity. Construction is still in phase 2 of 5, but phase 3 is on the horizon. Over the next few months, the following work is expected to be checked off the tick list:

For the lower level:
• Install the exterior windows
• Finish the floors
• Install ceilings and lights
• Install new casework and equipment
• Install new kennel gates and hardware
• Finish painting
• Complete the elevators
• Complete the entire lower level (yeah!)

For the main level:
• Install the exterior windows
• Finish the structural glazed tile work in the main floor kennels
• Complete all partition walls
• Begin installing ceiling grids and lights
• Paint

With the expectation that phase 2 wraps up in the spring, and phase 3 kicks off in summer, the activity and excitement will continue to grow, and we have our generous supporters to thank for this renovation progress!

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