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Puppy Bowl XIII – Recap

Squirt represented the Mile High City and Team Ruff in yesterday’s Puppy Bowl XIII on Animal Planet. It was certainly a day for the under-dogs when Team Fluff surprised everyone with a 93-38 victory over the defending champions Team Ruff. Although Squirts team may not have come out on top, I think we can agree that we’re all winners when it comes to the most adorable sporting event on T.V.

Puppy Bowl XIII announcers boasted about Squirt small stature but large skills, saying “the undersized superstar is a force to be reckoned with and claims the bigger they are the harder they fall!” Although he can’t be seen making any big plays on the field he certainly charmed the staff from the bench where his aptitude for cuddling became evident.

Watching the Puppy Bowl is undoubtedly entertaining, full of hilarious puppy antics and pun-filled player bios. However, the event “tackles” a bigger message, sharing the heartfelt stories of puppies across the nation, all from shelters and all looking for their forever families. Reminding viewers to consider the adoption option when looking to add another four-legged friend to your home.

While Squirt may not have played the biggest role in Puppy Bowl XIII his sweet demeanor and overall adorableness didn’t go unnoticed by Cindy and Randy Wilson, who adopted Squirt into their home and hearts upon his return to Denver from New York City. Cindy and Randy had been looking for another terrier mix and were smitten when they met Squirt saying “he reminded us of our previous dog Chesta- the way he was playing with his toy.” Squirt, now Chester has retired into his own Hall-of-Fame and is enjoying his new life filled with plenty of love and snuggles.

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