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27 Purebred Siamese Cats Arrive at Dumb Friends League

The Dumb Friends League received 27 purebred cats that were rescued from a breeder in Rocky Ford, Colo., on Thursday. The cats, which are all purebred Siamese and Balinese, were among 50 felines relinquished by their owner to The Colorado Humane Society & SPCA, an affiliate agency of the Dumb Friends League, after failing a required inspection by the Department of Agriculture’s Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act (PACFA). The Department of Agriculture called in the Colorado Humane Society to assist in the removal and transport of the cats.

Among the cats that arrived at the Dumb Friends League are approximately 17 adults and 10 kittens. The League says Siamese cats are one of the most sought-after breeds for its adopters.

The remaining 23 cats were transferred to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado Springs.

Each of the cats and kittens will receive a medical and behavior evaluation upon arrival at the Dumb Friends League and many will be available for adoption in just a couple of days. Some may need extra socialization or medical care before they are ready for new homes. Because Siamese are a highly desired breed, the League expects to adopt many of the cats and kittens out immediately to adopters on its purebred list—a free service available for patrons interested in a specific breed of cat or dog.

Interested adopters should contact the Dumb Friends League at (303) 751-5772 or visit for more information on when the cats will be available. If you would like to put your name on a purebred list for a specific pet, please call (303) 751-5772.

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