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Ragu: a fearful kitten looking for love

How do they say it in Italian? Amore. And, little Ragu the kitten is looking for just that. Love. It seems that this little kitten has a lot in common with her pasta namesake. At first glance, she makes you feel all warm and cozy, she’s the perfect addition to any evening and will pair great with a nice glass of Chianti. But, like most cats, there’s a lot more going on behind Ragu’s gorgeous eyes. And, the best way to understand her story is to start from the beginning.

We first met Ragu in July when she was a just a 2-month-old kitten who came to the Dumb Friends League as a stray. She greeted our staff with a tentative stare followed almost immediately with a loud hiss. Now, we’re not going to lie, there is something oddly adorable about a tiny, angry kitten. It’s tempting to scoop them right up and snuggle them until their fears go away … but, let us be clear: WE.DID.NOT.DO.THAT – as much as we may have wanted to. Instead, we enrolled little Ragu in a program called Feline Fortitude. This program is designed to work with cats and kittens in the shelter who are fearful (learn more about socializing fearful cats here).

Using positive reinforcement, our talented and patient behavior team worked to gain Ragu’s trust, and in turn, allow the kitten to trust other humans. How did it go for Ragu, you might ask? Honestly … she failed. Now don’t worry, Ragu is not the first kitten to fail Feline Fortitude – we can’t all be brainiacs. We didn’t give up hope for Ragu, and you shouldn’t either. It’s been four months and Ragu, now a 6-month-old kitten, has basically grown up in the shelter waiting for the right home to come along. Sure, she’s still fearful, but with continued time and patience, we can see glimpses of an affectionate kitten who is so deserving of love. Ragu has shown us that she needs some time. She needs a home where she can be given space to warm up and where she can take things at her speed. We think she’d do best in a place where there aren’t any children under the age of 12 and maybe a home with another more social cat. Put simply, Ragu needs love. She needs to be given a chance to trust, and we can’t wait to see how big this little kitten’s heart will shine!

We should probably also mention that Ragu has some special medical needs. We believe that she has something called feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), a condition that can cause urinary issues due to inflammation of the bladder. Flare-ups of FLUTD can be caused by stress (see fearful kitten in the shelter), and the condition can be treated with medication. Our adoption counselors will chat with your more about FLUTD and what type of care might be required throughout Ragu’s life.
Come meet Ragu at the Leslie A. Malone Center. Take her from homeless, scared cat to the loving, affectionate companion we all know she is. Learn more about Ragu by visiting or calling 303.751.5772. All adoptions include spay or neuter surgeries, age-appropriate vaccinations, a microchip ID, a free office visit with a participating veterinarian and 30 days of pet insurance.

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