Rescue horses shine at Comeback Challenge

Twenty-two horses from rescue groups across the country competed in the Equine Comeback Challenge last weekend, and by the end of the event, many had won the best prize of all: adoption into a new home.

The competition took place at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, held in Denver on March 11–13. Eight horses from the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center participated in the challenge, which features horse-and-trainer pairs that compete in a 90-day transformation process designed to provide rescue horses with necessary training and showcase their ability to be successful equine partners.

Trainer Jason Patrick and his horse Cactus, a Harmony Equine Center alum, won the overall championship. Cactus arrived at the Harmony Equine Center last September as part of a group of 59 severely neglected horses that had never been handled and were suffering from a wide range of health issues. Seven of the eight horses from the Harmony Equine Center made it to the finals of the Comeback Challenge.

Following the competition, 20 of the 22 participating horses were adopted through the A Home for Every Horse Adoption Showcase.

“The Equine Comeback Challenge gives the public a chance to see how professional training can transform these rescue horses into amazing equine partners,” said Harmony Equine Center Director Garret Leonard. “So many rescue horses just need more training in order to have a chance for a new life in a forever home, and everyone who participated in this event was thrilled to give them that opportunity.”

For more information on the Harmony Equine Center, click here.

Thanks to generous support from the ASPCA and others, these horses have a chance to heal, flourish and ultimately find new homes.