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Rescued cat meets his match

Cat’s out of the bag…or, the ceiling in this case. At first glance, Remy’s story doesn’t stand out from other cats at the Dumb Friends League. He arrived at the shelter as a stray, thanks to a good Samaritan, and (spoiler alert) was soon adopted into a loving home after no one claimed him – not unlike many of his feline companions at the League. It’s Remy’s story before he arrived at the shelter that sets him apart from everyone else.

A tall tale for a homeless cat

We’ve all heard of cats being rescued out of trees, being found in alleys – but a ceiling? It all started when Robert, who works in maintenance for a local condo building, received a call that neighbors of an empty unit could hear a distant meow. This had been happening for several days, and they were growing concerned about the welfare of the cat. Robert investigated, and sure enough, he soon heard a quiet meow coming from somewhere above the kitchen light. Not sure what to expect, as this as not an everyday occurrence, Robert carefully opened the ceiling, shined his light and met Remy. According to Robert the feline was initially a bit reluctant and greeted him with a few tentative meows. It wasn’t until Robert offered him food that Remy approached. And, approach he did! After being stuck in the ceiling for several days, Remy was hungry and eagerly ran over to accept the offering. Robert gently lifted him out of the ceiling and brought him to the Dumb Friends League where he was examined and although still hungry, was given a clean bill of health.

Remy finds his happily ever after

It didn’t take long after Remy cleared his stray hold that he met his new family who reports that he is “doing really well…a bit of a handful, very playful and has lots of energy!” Energetic personality aside, Remy and 3-year-old Ike have developed quite the bond. Anytime the child cries, Remy runs into the room to make sure he’s okay. The affectionate cat also loves snoozing on his favorite little human’s changing table. Ike likes to tell everyone that Remy didn’t have a home until they gave him one and that they saved the cat from being sad.

Although Remy’s “busy” and curious habits initially got him into a bit of a pickle, they are just proof of his unique personality and are what captured the hearts of his new family. Remy is now curbing his exploring tendencies by watching birds and squirrels from his favorite window in his loving home and protecting his new best human companion, Ike.

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