Resources for a bilingual audience

The Dumb Friends League is focusing on ways to bring our internal resources and capabilities into underserved communities beyond our two mobile spay and neuter units, the Meow Mobile and the Lulu Mobile, as well as the Solutions – Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic. The Solutions – Pet Resource Center was introduced to support pet owners with education, and as part of the outreach, the Recursos para Mascotas (translated to “Resources for Pets”) radio show began.

Recursos para Mascotas is an integral part of the Pet Resource Center mission, which is to keep animals healthy, happy and in their homes. To meet the goals, people need to know about the resources offered, including the non-English speaking members of the community, who are oftentimes difficult to reach.

Pet Resource Center Coordinator Kristine Clay hosts the weekly hour-long broadcast along with Gloria Banuelos, who is groomer at the League and a Pet Resource Center community educator. Topics include compassionate pet ownership, vaccinations, grooming, regular vet care, behavior, the importance of adoption, children and pets, community cats and more. Live calls are taken, and when time runs out or a further explanation is needed, Clay follows up with the caller. “I’ve gotten several calls/texts from people who say, ‘I heard you on the radio program, and I have additional questions,’” said Clay. “I love knowing that we are improving the lives of animals in our community.” Upcoming Pet Resource Center events are also advertised on the program.

Clay and Banuelos receive calls about setting up spay and neuter appointments, low cost vaccine clinics, animal abuse concerns, working at the League, adoption options, pet allergies and more. However, when the topic of behavior is discussed, including barking dogs, off-leash animals and aggression, for example, the duo always receives plenty of calls.

“This show is so important because we are giving the community an option for a trusted, accurate source of pet care information,” said Clay. “The majority of pet owners love their pets and truly want to provide them the best care. At times, the only barrier to this is accurate information. We are providing not only the information but then the follow-up resources to improve the lives of their pets. We offer spay/neuter, vaccines, classes on behavior problems, classes on pet grooming, classes for kids and pet supplies like collars, leashes, beds and toys. This is the truly amazing thing about the Pet Resource Center; we support owners every step along the way to help them keep their pets healthy, happy and in their homes.”

Recursos para Mascotas is broadcast live every Monday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. on KNRV 1150 AM. The station primarily serves the Denver metro area, but it can also be heard from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. The show is broadcast live on Facebook at the same time it is on the air, and then videos are posted on the League’s website. Visit to listen to previous episodes.

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