Roland the ambassadog

Roland in Backyard

Kids are Roland the boxer’s third-favorite thing, after food and other dogs. The handsome, 3-year-old pup became an ambassadog in January 2017, and has taken to the role like a champ. Per the usual League protocol, Roland’s owner, Rence, accompanied his dog to his first classroom experience. “He found the lesson a little boring,” says Rence, “because he could hardly wait to play with the children.” Now, Roland is extremely busy, visiting classrooms nearly weekly. He’ll be pressed into service again soon for Scout Day, and boy, is he excited!

According to his proud papa, Roland won his heart at first encounter, when Rence discovered that Roland loved people, dogs and playing fetch. He adopted the dog a year and a half ago, having gone more than a decade without owning a dog.

He says Roland is an omnivore except for mushrooms, which he refuses to eat. Tennis balls are Roland’s favorite toy, and he loves to play fetch or chew on them like they’re bubble gum. “Roland’s face is the third-saddest dog face in the world,” says Rence, “but he’s the Number One happiest dog.”