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Roo the great traveling adventure pup

By Joan Thielen, Communications & Content Specialist

The story you’re about to read is one of adventure, love and new beginnings. This is the tale of a dog who is short in stature, but big in heart. Who has visited more places than many and if she could talk would certainly speak her mind.

This is the story of how a lost dog named Roo found her perfect home.

Now, I should probably tell you upfront that I am well acquainted with Roo. She was in fact adopted by none other than my remarkable mother, Gweneth in 2011 from the Dumb Friends League Quebec Street Shelter (the lucky pup she is). And, keep in mind that when I say that Roo is adorable and my mom is rad, I am of course being biased. But, I am confident that after you read this story you’ll agree that these two make one heck of a team.

Let’s start with Roo. She is a now 10-year-old Shiba-inu, schipperke mix. Weighing in at around 20 pounds with a personality that is a perfect amalgamation of her two breeds. Her schipperke lineage providing her with her mischievous, lively and robust temperament while her Shiba characteristics bring in a well-mannered, muscular dog who is the perfect hiking companion. All said, her mix is the recipe for a perfect adventure partner, plus it makes her super cute.

My mother, whose personality can be described in not too unfamiliar terms from Roo’s, has a lively spirit, with a passion for laughter (sometimes caused out of mischief) and a thirst for climbing most any mountain. Like Roo, she is smart, kind and adventurous. It really came as no surprise when these two met in January of 2011 and it was a match. My mother, after a career of 22 years with Jefferson County Public Schools retired and decided to fulfill her dream of visiting every National Park in the country, and without thinking twice, she knew Roo would be her co-pilot on this journey of a lifetime. So, without hesitation she bought a pull-behind RV, a truck – declared herself the Hippy Trip Road Chick–and hit the road.

From homeless dog to international traveler.

And, so they trudged on. With camper in tow, Roo and my mom made their way across the United States and Canada. In just 12 months they traveled more than 32,000 miles, visited 45 states, six Canadian provinces, not to mention 44 U.S. National Parks and more than 50 monuments and state parks. They kayaked, climbed mountains, walked part of the Appalachian trail and ran along the beach. Friends and memories were made, and sights were certainly seen.

There are far too many stories to tell from that 12 months here. But, I am sure glad my mom had her little buddy along for the journey. My sister and I were able to join them on a few adventures along the way, and trying to keep up with these two adventurous souls was an absolute treat.

I’m not sure my mom knew of her post-retirement adventure when she adopted Roo, but I know there wasn’t a moment of hesitation in including this sweet pup in the journey when the dream became a reality. And now, these two travel partners are relaxing at home, planning their next adventure together. And, since I have the inside scoop, I can tell you it’s going to be big!

The moral of the story? Adopt your adventure partner today–cat, dog or even horse! Colorado, and our surroundings, has a lot to offer and there isn’t much better than having your best friend along for the ride!

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