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One-Woman Guy Seeks Single Lady with a Heart of Gold


Some would call him super-picky. High maintenance. Uber-demanding.

He’d prefer to describe himself as “discerning.”

Sleek, athletic Rory the cat knows exactly what he’s looking for: He’d love to move in with a woman. A special lady who will treat him with patience, affection and the kind of undivided attention a guy of his caliber deserves.

Who could blame him? He’s worth it.

No offense intended, but this healthy, neutered male just doesn’t click with men nor with kids under 8. He also tends to be shy around strangers. (OK, he’s been known to duck under beds when unfamiliar house guests appear.)

Yet when a girl-person greets him, he slowly warms up to her, revs his purr machine and hops into her lap, ready to settle in for a cuddle-fest. That’s just the way he rolls. Because, at 2 years old, a fellow has learned a thing or two. He’s been around the block a couple times and simply isn’t willing to settle.

Perhaps because of his high standards, he’s been waiting a long time to find his ideal roommate. Two long months, in fact, just chillin’ and hanging on to hope at the shelter. For Rory, it’s getting a little old.

Face it: He’s in his prime, looking good, has all his marbles and knows where to shoot ‘em! All he’s lacking is a quiet home and some intimate moments with an experienced cat owner of the feminine persuasion.

Check him out, ladies! He guarantees you won’t be sorry.

P.S. He’s lived with a small dog in the past, and it wasn’t an issue. So, not totally picky … OK?

Rory has been adopted! View more adoptable pets at

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