Roxy and Scout, best friends

I adopted my German Shepherd girl about 6 years ago, and as she grew into the most amazing dog I’ve ever known, she loved cats and needed a cat friend in her life. After boarding a couple of older female cats for a few months, I decided to get Roxy a feline friend of her own.


“Why is Scout allowed on the table?!”

I went to the shelter to find a kitten Roxy could raise to trust her from the beginning, but I’ve always been a big fan of adopting older animals. I decided to look at a couple of cats who had lived with dogs before. Scout, in particular, jumped out as an option. He was a one-year-old who had lived with cats and dogs and seemed to have done just fine.

Long story short, I got caught up in a myriad of other options and ended up looking at Scout last. The Dumb Friends League briefed me about his past problems: a history of UTIs, going outside the litter box, being extremely fearful of new people and situations. Before they put him up for adoption, they also planned to put Scout into a behavior program. As I entered the “scared cat” cattery, they told me to be slow and let the cats approach me. I sat down and before I even knew who he was, Scout was in my lap purring and exploring the inside of my purse.

After figuring that I couldn’t leave him behind, I went through another extensive behavioral briefing about his past problems and how to deal with them. I got him home and set him up with a room of his own to start settling in.

Roxy & Scout

Roxy and Scout are inseparable even when they nap.

Gone was the scared, timid, UTI ridden cat of the past. Scout, the adventurous and playful one-year-old tabby was here to stay. After only two days he made it clear that I could exclude him from any area of the house, obnoxious dog sister included. Two days later, I didn’t need to separate them anymore. Today, he uses the litter box like a champ, greets strangers with incessant purring, roams the house with Roxy by his side, and loves microfiber blankets more than anything in the world.

Scout’s old “problems” almost pushed me away from adopting him, but I’m so glad I remembered that sometimes an animal just needs a loving place to call home to thrive. All I can do is give that animal a chance.

Besides, Roxy has a cat now and is happier than ever!

Submitted by Kelcy W.