S-l-o-o-w Cat Intro Creates Fast Friends

We stopped by the shelter back in May looking for a kitten to make a perfect friend for our resident cat who is 10 months old. It was important for us to find a young kitten to make the transition smoother for both our resident cat and the new kitty.

We saw Ontario but were asking to see the girl kitten he was in the room with, only because we thought having a girl kitten would be less friction for the introduction of our cats. However, as soon as we met Ontario and played with him, my husband immediately said, “He has to come home with us!” We fell in love.

The shelter let us know that he usually hisses with people at first and is usually scared, since he was feral up until you found him at about 2 or 3 months old. He did not show any of these signs with us at the shelter—he was immediately a sweetheart—but he did show signs when he was brought him home, as we anticipated.

We took things slowly and kept him in a small area of our apartment for the first two or three days until he got bored of it. We kept the cats separate, but they sped up the process by playing with each other under the doors and incessantly meowing through the doors trying to meet. At day five, we let the cats see each other with a screen between them; they immediately were pawing at each other through the screen, and we let them do that for about an hour. We separated them the rest of the day and the next day let them spend face-to-face, supervised time together. We kept them separated only at night at that point, and after another week left them together all the time. They were instantly best friends, and we couldn’t be happier to see them both so happy—they are inseparable! We are so proud of both our boys transitioning so well, and seeing how far Ontario has come.

Thank you for all the resources you supplied to us, including background information on Ontario, which helped us decide how to introduce him to our home environment and reminded us to stay patient even when that first week was pretty tough. The animals certainly appreciate you all, and we do too!

– Ciarra R.
Denver, Colo.