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Sail Proves Senior Cats are Special

My daughter and I stopped by the Quebec shelter in December 2014 to visit the dogs. We lost our dog to diabetes in June and were ready to adopt another needy soul. There weren’t many medium or large breeds, and on our way out, my daughter suggested we visit the cats.

When we entered a cat visiting room, a beautiful, friendly orange tabby greeted us with meows and rubs, and instantly won my heart! I was four months pregnant and slightly emotional. A volunteer noticed my affection toward the cat and commented about her being there since September and not getting adopted, probably because she was 8 years old. My eyes welled up, and I knew this cat was coming home with us.

I know that many people want young cats or kittens, but I would much rather have an older kitty that isn’t going to climb the curtains or run amok all night. Her name is Sail, and she is the most amazing cat ever. She lives happily alongside our 5-year-old German shorthaired pointer, Sadie. My twin boys were born in April, and one of Sail’s favorite spots to sleep is their changing table!

I would recommend that anyone thinking of adopting a cat (or dog!) should consider a “geriatric” cat. Sail is playful and kitten-like at times and is an amazing companion and friend. We love her beautiful face and silly personality, and wouldn’t trade her for the world!

-Milo N.

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