Screech & Snow: The Eyes Have It

In July of last year, we unexpectedly lost our beloved cat. We were all devastated, including our 9- and 7-year-old boys. After two months, we decided it was time to begin looking for someone to join us, and I began looking online for cats at the Buddy Center. I wanted an older cat that got along with other cats (the cat we lost had left behind his companion of 12 years, who was also devastated) and also dogs, as we have two little ones. I found a picture of a cat named Screech and immediately fell in love with his big eyes, and also a picture of an older cat named Snow with beautiful Paul Newman blue eyes.

I came in to meet them, and when I walked into the Buddy Center, I saw that they were rooming together in the front area. Snow was awake and following all the action through the window, while Screech was curled up in a little ball sleeping.

I met them both and at the time, Snow was more interested in looking out the window, while Screech was up in my lap and head-butting me. I knew right away that he needed to come home with me, but there was something about Snow that made me fall instantly in love with him. I went home, debated with my husband, talked with the kids and showed them pictures. They all agreed that we needed to bring Screech home.

I went back to get him the next day, but while the volunteer was getting him ready, Snow sat in the window looking at me with those big blue eyes—and I just couldn’t leave him behind. I came home with them both, and our family has been absolutely in love with them from the first second they came in. They have completed our family, and I am so happy that they have accepted us as their new family.

Thank you for all that you do, especially with the senior animals. I hope other people can see how wonderful it is to bring an older animal home. They deserve to be loved for whatever time they have left.

—Stephanie H.