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Senior pet adoption

Sarah and Mike have a history of adopting homeless pets. When it comes to welcoming a new canine into their lives, they tend to lean toward the sometimes overlooked and often harder to place more seasoned dogs, our senior canine companions. Over the years, they’ve welcomed these older pups into their home, providing them with a warm bed, tasty food and plenty of love while they spend their final years surrounded by this compassionate couple.

Sarah and her husband are both registered nurses and spread their penchant for care to their canine companions. Sarah jokes that her lengthy morning routine caring for her older pets feels a bit like working in a nursing home, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She dreams of someday fostering pets that need hospice care, giving them the ultimate gift of love during their final days.

Finding double the love with Hershey and Ziggy

Sarah and Mike were in the market for a companion for their dog Mya, a 14-year-old Labrador. Sticking with tradition, they knew they wanted to adopt a senior dog, and while browsing the Dumb Friends League website, they came across not one, but two older dogs looking for a new home.

Hersey and Ziggy, 14-year-old and 16-year-old Shih Tzus respectively, came to the League looking to find a home together. Combined, the dogs have a heart murmur, questionable hearing and limited teeth. But, these two were a team, Hershey had lost both of his eyes before coming to the League and needed Ziggy to help him navigate the world. Having arrived at the shelter in May, this lovable and affectionate pair waited day, after day, month after month hoping to find their new home. Little did they know they’d soon hit the forever home jackpot.

Sarah, Mike and resident dog Mya met Hershey and Ziggy on July 13, and the rest was history. No stranger to senior pets, they were all smitten, and the family headed home.

Age is just a number

Sarah and Mike moved to Colorado from Indiana and love enjoying all that our beautiful state has to offer. They enjoy camping and hiking and, like most Coloradans, they take their dogs everywhere – regardless of their age. Now, with a combined age of 44 Hershey, Ziggy and Mya don’t typically join their people on hikes, they tend to enjoy a relaxing snooze in the comfort of the RV, but they’re happy to go along for the ride. And, when they do go out for a walk, Sarah makes sure to have a wagon handy to load the dogs in should they need a break from the exercise. In addition to welcoming Hershey and Ziggy home, Mya is a registered therapy dog and spends days visiting Alzheimer patients with her human companion Mike. The job is simple, but important and Mya loves making loops around the nursing home, greeting patients, and getting her much-deserved pets!

Adopting dogs of all ages

Sarah and Mike are a shining example of the joy that older pets can bring to your home. As much as they give to their canine companions, they get back in the form of unconditional love and plenty of snuggles. Learn more about the benefits of adopting a senior pet here.

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