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Senior pets: Another opportunity for love

Living large in the golden years

If 50 is the new 40 for humans, then 15 is the new 5 for pets. Senior dogs, typically those who are 8 years or older, are in need of homes just as much as younger ones, and thanks to adopters like Lindsey and her husband who see beyond age, pets like Bosley are spending their golden years in loving homes.

Newlyweds Lindsey and Danny had just moved to Denver and wanted to adopt a dog between 2 and 7 years old. The couple didn’t consider adopting a senior dog because of the inevitable health issues and, of course, the possibility of not having as much time together before the end of the dog’s life. Their thinking changed, however, once they came to the Dumb Friends League and met Bosley, a 12-year-old Australian cattle mix.

While looking at dogs in the shelter, Lindsey noticed that as a senior dog, there was little interest in Bosley despite his sweet and playful nature. Potential adopters walked away from Bosley’s kennel after reading his age on his bio card, and with each passerby, Bosley looked sad, but he still had a hopeful look in his eyes, which broke Lindsey’s heart. When the couple approached Bosley’s kennel, he stood up and wagged his tail. Possibilities! “When we took Bosley out of his kennel to get to know him, he was hesitant and quite nervous,” remembered Lindsey, “however, he had a spark in his eyes that wasn’t there before.”

Typically, older dogs are trained and know basic commands, and this was true for Bosley. The sweet pup was housebroken, knew how to sit, shake paws and walk nicely on a leash. “Bosley had everything going for him except that he was 12-years old,” said Lindsey. “My husband and I hesitated to get him, but we knew that he would live out the rest of his life in a good home. No one ever knows about health issues, and we knew that we shouldn’t assume. It’s hard to think about, but a dog can die at any age from anything. Although a senior dog is older, they still need to be loved and taken care of.”

Bosley now spends his days protecting his new home and meeting other neighborhood dogs and even has several canine friends. Walks, ear scratches and nights spent at the end of the couple’s bed top Bosley’s favorite things list. Each day, Bosley is eager for his morning and evening treat along with his thyroid medication, and while he can no longer go hiking with Lindsey and Danny, he still enjoys short jogs at night.

“Adopting a senior dog is special because you know that the dog will end up in the best home to live out the rest of its years,” said Lindsey. “Older dogs may take some time to warm up and build trust, but once you have that, there’s no stopping the dog’s love and loyalty for you. I have no idea what Bosley’s life was like for his first 12 years, but no matter what might have happened, he’ll always have a place in our home as our fur baby. We love Bosley and couldn’t imagine our lives without him!”

Stay gold Bosley!

Learn more about adopting a senior pet and view adoptable pets at our Quebec Street Shelter and Buddy Center, and find a new companion (or two) today!

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