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Shade arrived at the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center in February of this year. The chilly day brought big changes for Shade. It was the beginning of a life this handsome gelding hadn’t yet known, one filled with warmth, food, care and best of all – love.

Standing at just over 15 hands tall, Shade weighed only 870 pounds. In addition to being underweight, he had painful ulcers in his mouth and needed his feet trimmed. Not only was Shade in poor health, he had been denied a positive relationship with people. At 21-years-old, he lacked training and needed to learn to trust humans. Just four months later, he left a transformed horse, weighing 1,104 pounds he had regained his health and learned a lot along the way.

Our Harmony Equine Center staff of professional trainers worked diligently with Shade to rehabilitate him and start teaching him to trust again. As time went on Shade began to accept the staff and, although a bit stubborn at times, proved to be a smart and affectionate horse. Trainers noticed that he enjoyed being around other horses and, despite his age, still had quite a bit of get up and go!

Looking for the right horse to adopt

Sara and her family had been looking to add a horse to their family. They had previously visited the Harmony Equine Center and thought adopting seemed like a good fit. Sara had done her research, but she also appreciated the work that Harmony trainers put in with her and her family. In addition to learning about Shade, they were able to work one-on-one with trainers on four different occasions to ensure that Shade was the right horse for their family.

This made all the difference. After adopting Sara admits that they were a bit nervous to take this gentle giant home, but those nerves quickly disappeared when Shade settled right in with his new family. Sara says that her kids “love him dearly, there are always outside with him”. Her daughter Emma especially loves Shade and is excited to start working with him on becoming a barrel horse. For now, the family is enjoying his company and Shade is enjoying theirs. With trail rides aplenty and all the love any horse could ask for, he’s living his best horse life in his new home.

Interested in adopting a horse?

If you are looking to add a horse to your herd or are a first-time horse owner, we have some wonderful horses who are ready to meet their new families. We understand that every horse and every family is different and through kindness and respect, our staff will work to ensure you’re matched with the right horse. Every adoption includes three sessions for you and the horse with one of the Harmony Equine Center’s professional trainers allowing you to confirm that you and the horse are right for each other. Additionally, every horse that enters the Harmony Equine Center is given rehabilitative care and training from our compassionate staff, they are gelded, given appropriate vaccinations, and any necessary dental and farrier work. We encourage you to consider the adoption option when getting your next horse. Learn more about the Harmony Equine Center and view horses available for adoption at

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